Global organizations associated with PET recycling


NAPCOR is an industry association (The National Association for PET Container Resources), representing the PET packaging industry in the US and Canada. A highly useful site providing general information on PET usage and recycling of PET. Their website:  And their latest report (released on 13th Oct 2016) is available here.


The Association of Plastic Recyclers is a trade association representing companies that acquire, reprocess, and sell the output of more than 90 percent of the post-consumer plastic processing capacity in North America.


Petcore Europe is and industry association (based in Brussels) that represents all the players in the PET value chain in Europe (including manufacturers, converters, packers, recyclers, etc.)  The organization’s website: Though much of the information is available for members, there is some public information, among which this presentation is quite useful in giving an overview of PET recycling in Europe.


Plastics Recyclers Europe (created in 1996) represents plastics recyclers in Europe. Has over 120 members from all over the EU.


EPRO – European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations is a pan-European partnership of specialist organisations that are working to develop and deliver efficient solutions for the sustainable management of plastics resources. There are 19 EPRO member organisations including 14 European countries plus South Africa and Canada.


The Japan Containers and Packaging Recycling Association: An industry body that puts out data, information on all packaging materials (glass, plastic-with separate section on PET, paper) in Japan. The organization’s website is: and their statistics section is of particular use.


The council for Pet bottle recycling is an industry association in Japan, that represents a range of industries associated with PET used for packaging. Their website: Their information on their site on recycling rates ( and voluntary design guidelines for PET bottles ( ) are extremely informative.


PETCO is the trading name of the PET Recycling Company NPC, a company established in 2004 to represent the South African PET plastic industry’s joint effort to self-regulate post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling.


China Plastic Recycling Association (CPRA), is a branch of China National Resources Recycling Association. It aims to unite organizations and companies involved in the plastics recycling industry in China., (website of China National Resources Recycling Association)


Australian Council of Recycling represents various organizations involved in the recycling business in Australia.


The ABIPET, Brazilian of PET Industry Association, is a non-profit organization that brings together the productive chain of the PET industry: PET resin manufacturers, manufacturers of PET packaging and its recycling, representing about 80% of the PET industry in Brazil.